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Champix stop smoking tablets

Champix stop smoking treatment
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Champix contains the active ingredient varenicline and is a treatment that is used to help people stop smoking. It is a daily tablet which works to help reduce the nicotine withdrawal symptoms that can make quitting smoking so difficult.

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Information about Champix

Champix is a nicotine-free stop smoking treatment, which has been proven to be the most effective treatment for helping people to stop smoking. The active ingredient in champix, varenicline, imitates the effects of nicotine on the brain and body, by stimulating the receptors in the brain that respond to nicotine. This imitating effect relieves and reduces the symptoms of the nicotine withdrawal. 

Champix also works by stopping these receptors becoming attached to the nicotine to begin with. This means if you do have a cigarette during your stop smoking treatment, you won’t feel the same feeling and it’s likely to feel a lot less enjoyable. 

Taking Champix

For the first 3 days of the treatment you should take one pill, after this you should take 2 tablets each day, one in the morning and one in the evening. You continue taking the treatment in this way for the rest of the course. 

The dosage of the treatment changes after that first week, so it’s important you take them in the correct order in order to get the best results from the treatment. Typically you’ll be prescribed a 12-week course of treatment, beginning with a 2 or 4 week Champix starter pack. 

Do I need a prescription for Champix?

To obtain Champix to help you stop smoking you will need a prescription as it is a prescription-only medication.

Our LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor clinicians can prescribe you Champix, if suitable at our stop smoking clinic. You can then have this prescription delivered to your door or collect it in one of our pharmacies.

Other stop smoking treatments

There are a variety of ways you can stop smoking. Some people find they can simply stop and go ‘cold turkey’. Other people find nicotine replacement therapy, Zyban (a prescription medication), counselling and hypnotherapy are good options.

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Champix frequently asked questions

  • Why should I stop smoking?

    There are so many benefits to stopping smoking, there’s almost too many to count! Perhaps the biggest reason to stop smoking is that as many as half of smokers will die early from smoking-related diseases (e.g. heart disease, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis). Males who stop smoking by the time they’re 30 add 10 years to their life. People who stop by the time they’re 60 add 3 years to their life.

    Some of the other reasons to stop smoking include:

    • Improved circulation - this makes all physical activity much easier and will increase oxygen in the body, boosting your immune system.
    • Improve lung capacity - this gives you more chance of leading an active life later on in life.
    • Better sex life - improved circulation around the body means men have better erections, smoking can be a cause of erectile dsyfucntion (ED). Women may also find they have better orgasms, becoming aroused more easily with increased sensation.
    • Self-confidence - smoking can often give you bad breath and stained teeth, quitting can help both these things, as well as slow facial ageing and the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Is there anyone who can’t take Champix?

    On the whole, Champix is a safe medication for all. However, people under the age of 18, who are pregnant or breastfeed, have severe kidney failure or have certain mental health conditions, should not take Champix.

  • What are the Champix side effects?

    Like with all medications there may be some side effects when taking Champix. Common side effects of Champix include feeling sick, headaches, unusual dreams, problems with sleep, increased appetite, dry mouth, change to sense of taste, vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea, bloated, indigestion and gas. 

    Those who feel tired or dizzy when taking Champix, you should not drive, operate machinery or engage in any other potentially hazardous activities until the symptoms pass.

  • Should I stop smoking before I start treatment?

    No you shouldn’t stop smoking before you start taking treatment, but you should choose a day in your second week of treatment to stop. This is part of the course of treatment.