Discover visibly healthier skin day after day with Instant Effects' clinically proven powerful formulations. Packed with active ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid spheres for supercharged hydration, stabilised Vitamin C for visibly brighter skin and pioneering patented OX2 Oxygen Transfer Technology to de-age your skin, diminish fine lines and plump for beautiful radiant natural skin.

The Instant Effects range

3D Lip Plumping Treatment

A pioneering multi-tasking lip treatment to restore loss of volume, deeply hydrate and plump out lip lines. Scientifically proven to boost plumpness by 20% in just 2 minutes without any aggravation, this indulgent Hyaluronic Acid infused balm will leave your lips visibly healthier, enhancing fullness and creating a more defined lip contour. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Visible results in only 2 minutes*
  • Lips are plumped by more than 20%*
  • Defines and plump lips and lips will remain moisturised for 12 hours*
  • Over two weeks of daily use, lip height will increase by over 20%*
  • Results last for four days
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AM Energiser

A powerful do-it-all Day Cream to help repair blemishes, improve your skin’s wall barrier, and protect against sun and environmental damage, leaving you with visibly healthier, brighter, softer, more supple, hydrated and energised skin. The rich blend of active ingredients works with your skin’s own natural renewal process to restore youthful radiance, with visible results in just 15 minutes. Independent clinical trials revealed skin is 25% more moisturized, even after 24 hours, and there is an 8% increase in skin luminosity in 30 minutes. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Visible results in just 15 minutes
  • Skin is on average 25% more moisturised, even after 12 hours*
  • Visible luminosity build to rival laser treatment in only 30 minutes post application
  • Works as a moisturiser, serum and primer – no need for any other products
  • Broad Spectrum UVA + UVB protection
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Triple Complex Eye Lift Serum

Whatever your own personal eye concern – dark circles, lines, puffiness, wrinkles - Triple Complex Eye Lift Serum Correction for Fine Lines & Dark Circles is the answer. Scientifically proven to instantly smooth fine lines, diminish dark circles and reduce puffiness around the eyes. Independent clinical trials showed a 36% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles in 5 minutes, as well as diminishing puffiness and dark circles. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Visible results in just 5 minutes
  • Targets puffiness, under eye circles and wrinkles
  • Fine lines and wrinkles reduced by 36%* in only 5 minutes
  • Increases skin luminosity to reduce appearance of dull skin
  • To eliminate puffy eyes and dark circles use daily (morning and evening) for 14 days
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PM Recovery

All the benefits of a facial while you sleep! Charged with ATP and patented OX2 oxygen transfer technology, working in synergy with your skin’s own metabolism to de-age the skin, so you wake up with a smoother, brighter and deeply hydrated complexion. Independent clinical trials show fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, age spots fade and skin feels deeply hydrated even 12 hours after application. There is a 99% average improvement in skin firmness, 8% increase in skin luminosity in 2 weeks, and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced by 36% in just 4 weeks. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Firmness of the skin improved by 99% in one hour*
  • Renews skin cells, brightens and reduces the colour of age spots by up to 25%*
  • Over 2 weeks, skin appears 8% more luminous*
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles by 36% in 4 weeks*
  • Skin appears an average of 10 years younger*
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Deep Line Elixir

Perfect for both the early signs of ageing and deeper lines, Instant Effects Deep Line Elixir Age-Defying Bi-Phase Treatment reduces lines and wrinkles in just 10 minutes, thanks to a ground-breaking combination of Birch Sap and OX2 Technology. Independent clinical trials revealed up to 100% reduction in the depth and size of wrinkles and expression lines, with 75% of frown and laughter lines diminished in just 10 minutes! So, that’s fewer lines and a smoother, plumper complexion in one genius elixir. Effects are expected to last for up to 8 hours on first application.

  • Visible results in just 10 minutes
  • Reduces frown and laughter lines in both size and depth by 75%*
  • Skin is 117% more moisturised even 12 hours post-application*
  • Effects that last up to 8 hours when first applied*
  • Nose to mouth lines diminished by up to 100%*
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Instant Eye Lift

In need of minimising dark circles or de-puffing eyes – well look no further. This fast acting scientifically proven serum stimulates natural levels of collagen and elastin to your under-eye area to reveal firmer, refreshed eyes. Independent clinical trials revealed a 55% increase in skin elasticity within just 15 minutes and a 21% reduction on fine lines and wrinkles whilst dark circles and puffiness are diminished*. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Increases skin elasticity by 55% in just 15 minutes*
  • Reduces appearance of fine and wrinkles by 21%*
  • Skin elasticity increases to 95% within the hour*
  • Visibly reduces puffiness and dark circles are diminished
  • Plumps, lifts and brightens the eye area
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Hand Serum

Advanced hand care at its best. Instant Effects Hand Super Serum 24 Hour Hand Recovery is an anti-ageing treatment which works instantly to turn back the time on your hands. Independent clinical trials showed a 21% reduction in wrinkles in just 15 minutes!* Hands also appeared significantly brighter, thanks to a complex of glow-giving Vitamin C to tackle dark spots. Plus, the deeply hydrating effect of Moroccan Argan Oil lasts a whole 24 hours. And the beauty is, you only need to apply it once a day for it to work its magic!

  • Once a day application – no need to re-apply after washing hands, results last 24 hours
  • Reduces the appearance of age spots in only 15 minutes*
  • Instant radiance for younger looking hands
  • Appearance of wrinkles reduced by 21% in just 15 minutes*
  • One application increases skin hydration by 141%*
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Lash and Brow Volumiser

Achieve fuller-looking lashes and brows instantly with the Instant Effects Instant Lash and Brow Volumiser; an innovative clear serum formula that works to thicken, plump, repair and enhance eyelashes and brows.

Developed with OX2 Oxygen Transfer Technology, the advanced treatment adds definition and increased fullness to shorter lashes, whilst its unique brush captures and lifts hairs from the root for eye-opening results. Lashes are bigger, bolder and more amplified. Can also be used on the eyebrows to create thicker, enviable arches.

  • Lengthens lashes and brow hairs by 20% within two minutes*
  • Thickens and lengthens lashes and brows
  • Boosts regrowth of brows and lashes
  • Hairs can lengthen by up to 40%* if used continuously
  • Unique brush lifts hairs from the root
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Instant Effects frequently asked questions

  • How was Instant Effects created?

    Founder and beauty-science expert, Richard Mears, has been working in the beauty industry for over 25 years. Having worked with some of the best-selling brands around, Richard knew that he wanted to make a change and give customers and beauty-enthusiasts products that delivered the results that was promised. Years of research and dedication lead to the birth of Instant Effects a brand founded in style, science and effectiveness.

  • What is OX2 Technology?

    Original and patented OX2 Technology, works naturally with your skin’s metabolism. The Oxygen Transfer Technology instinctively pumps oxygen into the skin to naturally increase blood flow for visible results in minutes, enhancing cellular energy and dramatically improving skin mechanics, plumpness and elasticity. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Are Instant Effects products suitable for my skin type?

    Instant Effects strive for real and honest skincare, please view the full ingredients list found on product pages before purchasing. Their ground-breaking formulas are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and suitable for all skin types, whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin. Instant Effects has got you covered. As such, Instant Effects have made sure, and tested, that all products work with all ages, genders and skin types. All of our products work naturally with the skin’s metabolism to improve the targeted skin concern.

  • Can men use Instant Effects?

    Yes, we aim to be suitable for everyone, regardless of your age, ethnicity, gender or skin type.

  • Is Instant Effects vegan?

    Instant Effects is vegan-friendly, paraben free and cruelty free. Instant Effects are against animal testing and none of our products have been tested on animals.

  • Do Instant Effects use results from clinical trials?

    With all Instant Effects products promising results in such a short amount of time, we recommend that you take a before and after selfie to truly see the difference. For example, if using the 3D Lip Plumping Treatment, we recommend taking a photo of your lips and noting the condition of your lip line, cupid’s bow and colour. Then applying the products as stated on the packaging, waiting two minutes and then taking another photo and see the effects for yourself. At a glance, you may be sceptical, but once you compare your photos you will truly see that Instant Effects delivers the results as promised.

  • What makes Instant Effects different to any other brand?

    We understand that there are always going to be sceptics surrounding a brand that promises unbelievable results in such a short amount of time, however, we truly welcome this rise of the informed consumer, as it allows us to stand further out from the crowd due to our unwavering and unrivalled products and what they stand for, in regard to honest skincare and, more importantly, honest beauty brands as a whole.

  • Where can I buy Instant Effects?

    Here at LloydsPharmacy, you can buy Instant Effects online and in-store; find your skin concern and find the product that is perfect for you, or if you have no concern and just want to enhance your features, explore the range and discover real and instant results in minutes.

Testimonials from Instant Effects’ customers**

  • Hand Serum

    "As air crew I am continuously applying and re-applying hand moisturiser, and no matter how many times I apply nothing ever seems to work and I have tried virtually everything on the market. However, having heard about this product in a training session I attended in Abu Dhabi, where I also got a free product to try, I have to say I am absolutely AMAZED!!! I cannot begin to tell you what a difference this has made to my hands and my life as my hands were always dry and looked quite awful. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, I will definitely be buying this and have already recommended to all of my friends and fellow cabin crew colleagues."
    - Joanne Higginbottom

  • AM Energiser

    "I have to say I was really pleased with the results!"
    - Jill Carson

  • PM Recovery

    "I have previously used the lip plumper and fell in love with that product, so was excited to try the night cream. It is amazing, I had a few spots from stress at work, it cleared it all up plus my skin feels so lovely in the morning. For a night cream it’s not as heavy, as some of my previous creams I have used would end up more on my pillow than my face. Would really recommend!"
    - Louise.P

  • Lash + Brow Volumiser

    "This product is amazing. My eyelashes were becoming sparse and fine and I was having to apply layers of mascara for them to look reasonable. Instant Effects does just what it says and my lashes have grown considerably longer and thicker in a very short time. I wouldn't be without it now."
    - Bella

  • Deep Line Elixir

    "I am a total sceptic, a beauty junky and have been fooled so many times. Having read the piece in the Mail as usual I fell for it and made my purchase. For once, I must say, it actually works. Whilst my lines have not disappeared as promised they have definitely reduced and will be buying again."
    - Shireen Myres

  • 3D Lip Plumping Treatment

    "Bigger, more plump, cupid’s bow is super full. Love it!!"
    - Chloe


*All Instant Effects products have been independently clinically tested and all results and claims are clinically proven to be accurate.
**Testimonials provided by Instant Effects. Reviews were left on Instant Effects’ website from customers who purchased the product from
All information and claims on this page were created, written and supplied by Instant Effects.
The content is not a representation of LloydsPharmacy.
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