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Your DNA, our expertise

myDNA are specialists in what makes you, you. With a wealth of experience, they’ve developed a range of revolutionary genetic reports that help you make better health and lifestyle choices, decoding the information in your genes to help you live better.

Exclusive to LloydsPharmacy, the new Weight Management DNA Testing Kit helps you decide which diet may be best suited to your body and healthy weight loss goals, providing sample meal plans tailored to you.

What is myDNA?

Using your DNA test results, myDNA can provide bespoke advice to help you make more informed, healthy lifestyle choices for you. The tests reveal how your body will uniquely respond to certain diets, ways of exercising and caffeine. The new Weight Management DNA Testing Kit helps you decide which diet may be best suited to your body and healthy weight loss goals.

myDNA frequently asked questions

  • What is the Weight Management DNA Testing Kit?

    Exclusive to LloydsPharmacy, the Weight Management DNA Testing Kit examines key genes that impact on your diet, appetite and body fat. myDNA take these insights to provide an innovative, personalised diet report and sample meal plans based on your unique DNA profile. Your genetic results do not change, so your report holds lifelong relevance.

  • What will I receive in my report?

    You will receive a personalised report, featuring a sample weekly meal plan, portion sizes and recipe suggestions. Your bespoke report can help you understand how your genes can influence a variety of weight loss factors, including:

    • Unique insights into your genes
    • More about why you could be gaining weight
    • A suggested diet to suit your body, such as high protein or low fat
    • Nutritionally balanced sample menus tailored to you
    • Recommended serving guide
    • How your body responds to caffeine
    • Why you may not feel full after eating
    • How your body processes fats (lipids)
    • Coffee calorie calculator
    • More about FTO, sometimes known as the “Fat Gene”
    • A weight management objective, whether for weight loss or maintenance
  • How does myDNA testing work?

    When your kit arrives, all you need to do is take a swab of the inside of your cheek. Then, you simply register your kit online and send the swab in the post.

    Once your report is ready you’ll receive an email. The report will then be available for you to access online whenever you need it.

  • How long does the test take?

    It will only take 10 minutes for you to swab the inside of your cheek and to register your kit. Once myDNA have received your sample, it takes the lab and scientific team 10 to 15 working days to process your results and create your bespoke report.

  • Can I lose weight with myDNA?

    If you’ve been struggling to lose weight or maintain weight loss the Weight Management DNA Test can help take the guesswork out of dieting.

    myDNA was founded on the belief that personalised advice from your genetics can transform lives for the better. The Weight Management Report is designed to help you understand how your genes affect your appetite and can guide you on the right path to reach your weight loss goals.

    Along with your tailored results you will receive a recommend diet, practical sample menus and portion size guides to help you make better choices to support weight loss. You will also receive genetic insights about your BMI, weight and appetite control to help you be the best possible you.

  • What do myDNA customers think?

    Find out how myDNA helped Zoe and Nina to lose weight, and how you could too.

  • How much does a myDNA test cost?

    The myDNA Weight Management DNA Test Kit is available online and in LloydsPharmacy stores for an RRP of £59.

  • What else do you find out with a myDNA Weight Management Report?

    Once you have supplied your DNA sample, myDNA send you a report that holds lifelong relevance. Two of the genes covered in the results that are known to influence weight are FTO and PPARG.

    • FTO is linked to your risk of being overweight. This is because some people’s version of the gene is associated with an increased appetite and lack of feeling full.
    • PPARG promotes fat storage. This means after you eat more than you need, your body will store excess energy as fat for use at a later time.
  • How accurate are the DNA test results?

    The strict quality assurance process and state-of-the-art technology controls the reliability of the results. The myDNA clinical team is made up of expert pharmacists, molecular and clinical geneticists, researchers, genetic counsellors and dieticians. It is led by Associate Professor Leslie Sheffield, who has been at the forefront of genetic research in Australia since the 1980s.

    If you are taking medication, are pregnant or breast feeding, or have other health conditions, we recommend that you discuss a healthcare professional before you make any lifestyle or dietary changes.