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Hair care for women

Pamper your locks and care for your hair with a range of nourishing, hydrating and smoothing shampoos and conditioners. Volumise hair at home for some oomph with volumising sprays and mousses that’ll add body and shine every time. Looking to tame frizz and fly always why not try an intensive conditioning treatment that’s perfect for some weekend pampering. Or hair spray to keep your hair looking good no matter what the day throws your way. We have all you need to top up your colour at home or touch up your roots for that freshly dyed look.

Hair care for men

Enjoy that fresh run-your-hands-through-it feeling every day with shampoo designed for all hair types. If you’re looking to fight flakes, there’s anti-dandruff shampoos that’ll care for your scalp and add shine. Style your hair your way with matt clay, wax, gel or putty for a look that stays all day. Energise hair with Alpecin shampoo, the caffeine rich formula helps to speed up hair growth kicking life into your hair.

Explore hair care advice

An essential for every bathroom, hair care products and hair care treatment can make or break a hair routine. That’s why we have hair care advice and recommended products to help you find the right products to suit you. Browse our range today including hair supplements that strengthen hair and help it grow. As well as medicated and anti-dandruff shampoo to treat skin conditions that or can cause hair loss. We’ve got all you need to style your hair from dyes to hair spray so you can feel your best every day.

Hair loss

Whether you’ve just started to lose your hair or worried that you will in the future, we have plenty of advice and guides to put your mind at ease. We also have articles that can help you find the right products and treatments to suit you and your hair care routine.

If you’re worried about hair loss or you’re experiencing this hair condition, we’re here for you. The key to treating, preventing and slowing down hair loss is to discover what exactly is causing your hair to stop growing, recede or fall out. There are many different reasons and causes for hair loss, ranging from hereditary to stress related conditions and pregnancy. You may be asking yourself if hair loss is normal and we can assure you it’s a very common condition that many men and women experience. We can help you to stop hair loss as well as explore hair loss causes in men and women, types and conditions that can make it worse.

We’re always here for you, whichever type of hair loss you’re experiencing and if you’re looking for remedies and hair loss treatments browse our range today. From the best shampoo for hair loss to how to prevent hair loss, we have advice to suit you.

Hair treatment by hair type

Are you tired of trying different hair treatments to only find that they don’t suit your hair type? If you’re looking for the perfect hair care or for ways to shake up your hair care we can help. Discover how to take care of bleached hair that may be dry and damaged and in need of a little TLC. Whether you’re showing off your natural hair colour or topping up your roots with hair dye, we have exactly what you need for that salon finish.

We’ll help you take care of afro hair and curly hair, whether you’re looking for natural and organic options too. We also have options to suit different hair lengths whether you have short hair or are trying to grow your hair, find hair vitamins to help you take care of your hair.

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