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How does XLS-Nutrition work?

XLS-Nutrition shakes are nutritionally complete and contain less than 250 calories, helping you create the calorie deficit required for weight loss without compromising the nutritional quality of your diet.

In addition to other micronutrients, XLS-Nutrition contains vitamins B5 and B12 to help you maintain a healthy metabolism and promote energy release, while vitamin B6 helps you efficiently metabolise protein and glycogen.

The high-quality proteins found in our formula are rich in essential amino acids specially selected for their high biological value (this means it contains the essential amino acids in a proportion similar to that required by the body). As a result, the protein in our shakes help you maintain your muscles while our scientifically proven formulation helps you lose weight.

XLS-Nutrition supports healthy weight loss. The XLS-Nutrition diet plan provides guidance on healthy eating and exercise for when you are losing weight.

XLS-Nutrition frequently asked questions

  • How long can I take XLS-Nutrition for? 

    There are no specific time constraints on how long to use XLS-Nutrition as it can be used for weight loss as well as weight maintenance. We do not recommend that you spend more than one week in the concentration phase. This is because the XLS-Nutrition programme supports healthy and sustainable weight loss which means you should aim to incorporate at least one healthy, balanced meal and exercise into your daily routine.

    For weight loss we recommend replacing two meals a day with an XLS-Nutrition shake. For weight maintenance we recommend replacing just one meal a day with an XLS-Nutrition shake. Should you wish to boost your weight loss you can return to concentration phase of the diet, replacing three meals with an XLS-Nutrition shake, however be sure not to stay in this phase for more than a week at a time.

  • How long after opening XLS-Nutrition can it be used for?

    XLS-Nutrition should be consumed within 14 days of being opened. This is because after two weeks of the product being open the vitamins, minerals and proteins may start to degrade. We do not envision this to cause any significant harm, however the nutritional properties of the powder may change.

    • What is the shelf life for XLS-Nutrition? 

      XLS-Nutrition has a two-year shelf life. Always check the date on your tin.

    • What is the age range for XLS-Nutrition? 

      XLS-Nutrition is for adults wanting to lose weight or maintain their current weight. The XLS-Nutrition plan is flexible, which means it can be altered to suit every individuals weight loss and weight maintenance goals.

      XLS-Nutrition is designed specifically for adults and is therefore not adapted to the needs of children. The use of XLS-Nutrition by children should be discussed with a doctor.

    • Is XLS-Nutrition safe to use? 

      XLS-Nutrition has a good safety profile. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have concerns about using the product safely.

    • Where is XLS-Nutrition from? 

      XLS-Nutrition is manufactured in Germany.

    • Is the XLS-Nutrition Shaker BPA-free? 

      We can confirm that the XLS-Nutrition Shaker meets all European food contact material regulations, and is free from BPA.

    • Who do I contact if I have questions about XLS-Nutrition? 

      Perrigo has a dedicated team of professionals available to answer your queries. Please contact the XLS team on 020 3598 9601 or UKLOcustomerservice@perrigo.com .

      • Where can I find out more information related to XLS-Nutrition?

        You can find more information about XLS-Nutrition at www.xlsmedical.co.uk, where you can discover more XLS-Nutrition product information, the diet plan, recipes and healthy hints and tips.